About Us

About Us
Chinelo Designs is a web design and graphic design firm based in Brentwood, Tennessee. Chinelo Designs has had one mission and one mission only: To make high quality website design services more affordable. And, OUR CLIENTS get exactly what they pay for: high quality design at a stellar price!

As the premier source for website design, our motto is simple: “Do one thing, do it well!”We specialize in one thing: design. Plain and simple. Need your site redesigned? Check. Need a brochure for your site? Check. Because we specialize in design and ONLY design, we are able to offer high quality designs at some of the lowest prices in the industry. Our experience ranges from individual site design to business, print, and multimedia design. We enjoy what we do and are eager to build a relationship with you! For a better understanding of what we do, please visit our WEB DESIGN section. We also offer a QUALITY GUARANTEE for all customers!

Why Choose Us?
We could ramble on and on about the numerous benefits to choosing our services. But, since we know your time is limited here’s a brief summary of why you should choose us:

#1 We get results!
We work hard to get results for our customers, and we will do the same for you!

#2 Fast Turnaround
We begin working on your website immediately upon receipt of approval. We know your time is important, and as part of our customer quality guarantee, we aim to never waste it.

#3 Flexibility & Diversity
As your sites needs grow and become more diverse, our capabilities will grow with you. Need to increase the number of pages in your site? No problem. Need to add a login portal? No problem. Just contact us whenever your website needs change, and we will create a new proposal to accommodate your growth.

#4 Affordability
We already offer high quality services at some of the lowest prices in the industry. The next time you’re tempted to go to a freelance website or an foreign company, contact us first!

#5 Freedom
Some web designers charge an additional fee for delivery of your website’s files. At Chinelo Designs, we will NEVER hold your website hostage. Upon completion, your website is yours to do as you please. Maintain it yourself, or let us maintain it for you!

For more information, please view some of the Nashville websites we designed on our homepage.